Colorblocked V-Neck Cardigan
Baby sitting in flower field wearing primary colored Colorblocked V-Neck Cardigan
baby sitting wearing printed onsie, Colorblocked V-Neck Cardigan and striped cotton bloomer shorts
Baby laying down wearing red wool/alpaca beanie hat and red, yellow, blue colorblocked cardigan
Colorblocked V-Neck Cardigan

Colorblocked V-Neck Cardigan

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Our Colorblocked V-neck Cardigan is a perfect, playful update to the classic old man cardigan. Roomy, boxier fit.

Made from a blend of Fine Peruvian Junin Wool and Baby Alpaca Suri. The Junin Wool comes from a Peruvian sheep that is a crossbreed with Merino and is developed in Peru. It is farmed in the high altitudes of the Andes mountains which is the reason for its fine softness. Baby Alpaca Suri is a rare breed of alpaca that is also synonymous with Peru and raised in the Andes mountains. The Suri fiber is a slick and shiny fiber that is also extremely soft, making it the perfect, luxurious addition to yarn for little ones.

Our amazing manufacturer in Peru works with small, local farmers to ethically and humanely raise sheep and alpaca. Once a year in early November, they travel to the Andes mountains to observe the shearing of the animals to collect their hair fibers for use. They then spin their own yarn blend in-house and botanically dye each color by hand using various organically grown plants and flowers that are recollected locally. Each yarn is made to order, only making enough for development and each production run.

Our natural dye colors:

Lucuma (yellow): This color comes from Q'olle which is an extremely special flower in Peru that only grows in the high altitudes.

Denim (blue): The Denim color comes from indigo plants that are considered one of the most sacred plants in many cultures. The process to obtain the dye is extremely tedious, transforming the green plant to a beautiful blue color through the process of oxidation.

Grenadine (red): This color comes from the madder plant that has extremely long roots. It takes about a year to grow the plant before only the roots can be harvested and dried for color extraction.

Composition: Made of 70% Fine Peruvian Junin Wool / 30% Baby Alpaca Suri

Designed in New York & made in Peru.

Care Instructions: Gently handwash cold Lay flat to dry Do not bleach Only use Ph Neutral detergent* Do no dry clean *Don't worry, this is easier than you think! Feel free to reach out to us at if you have questions on the care or would like help finding a Ph Neutral detergent.



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