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Using playful patterns and textures, we blend consciously crafted clothes with modern styles for little Friends.

Bold & Playful

We believe the grass is greener when you're playing in it.

Earth Friendly

High quality products made to be handed down, at factories that are people and planet friendly.

Soft & Durable

We use Organic Pima Cotton with its Extra-Long Staple fibers which makes for fabrics that are naturally extra soft and durable.

We get it, raising kids is exhausting and tough. Parenthood is full of ups and downs. It comes with some of the best moments in your life, but it also comes with a lot of STUFF - clothing, diapers, wipes, the list goes on. Babies grow out of clothing quicker than you can put it on them and sometimes that clothing doesn’t last much beyond a few wears.

At League of Friends, we set out to design and produce high-quality kids’ clothing that is people and planet friendly and is also made to last wash after wash, so you can focus on the most important people in your life - your family!

We sell directly to you, no middle (wo)man or big box retailer, which allows us to offset some of the costing to you while keeping the quality high and the production as ethical and sustainable as possible.

We strive to make garments that will become your go-to’s; garments that are wash and wear, straight from drying onto your little one - completely bypassing the dresser or closet. πŸ˜‰ Your favorites that last, to be passed onto brothers and sisters then to other little friends, cousins, or neighbors.

Behind the Brand

When I had my first daughter in 2017, I had nearly ten years of experience in the fashion industry. From ready-to-wear to mass-market brands, I had seen it all – a lot of good, but also the bad side of apparel manufacturing. One thing I noticed as a new mom was that it was hard to find great quality clothing that was not only eco-friendly but was also affordable. The more affordable brands didn’t necessarily have quality, sustainability, and ethical practices high on their list of values, and the brands that did were usually priced at a luxury price point.

As an exhausted and overwhelmed new mom I was lucky enough to get connected with other new moms in my Brooklyn neighborhood. This was a lifesaver for me! Not only did I have other people to talk with that were also going through the same struggles, but the sense of community I felt from this group helped me get through the first six months of motherhood.

I founded League of Friends not only to give families access to quality, earth-friendly clothing but also to be a community for families. My hope is that as League of Friends grows, we are able to build an inclusive community for all young families - supporting them both locally and around the world.

There is no Planet B! We must take care of our Mother Earth, the community of makers and consumers like us, and support each other in the process.

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